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NOFA Podcast

May 9, 2018

This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are going to be doing some Science Fiction-y stuff folks, we are bending space and time, we are manipulating plant biology, we are going to build a SPACESHIP!! Ok, maybe not that but the other stuff... sort of. We are talking season extension! Why we would want to extend the growing season, what season extension techniques you can use from tiny and homemade to huge and high tech, and what plant breeds are the best to try and extend the season with. Plus an interview with Jeremy Barker Plotkin of Simple Gifts Farm in Amherst MA about how season extension upped his CSA game and this week we only have a Farm Fail but boy it's a doozy! Don’t go anywhere, we are going to boldly grow into a season no-one has grown in before!