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NOFA Podcast

May 4, 2022

In this episode I am joined again by my NOFA/Mass colleague, Soil Health Projects Manager, Christine Manuck. We interview Meryl Latronica, Director of Farm Operations at Just Roots in Greenfield, MA. We continue our conversations with farmers working within our Compaction Mitigation grant as a collaboration with an MDAR 2020 Specialty Crop Block Grant titled Accelerating Soil Health Through Compaction Mitigation: A Data-Supported Peer-to-Peer Farmer Learning Project.

Meryl Latronica is the Director of Farm Operations at Just Roots.  She is a dedicated and experienced production farmer, farm-based educator, community organizer, mentor to new farmers and devoted member of the New England farm community. She has been focusing her work on balancing intensive organic vegetable production with a commitment to building strong communities around food and farms.

Just Roots provides educational programming on the farm, in schools and in the community and has a mission to create equitable access to healthy local food in Western Massachusetts, and work toward just, vibrant, and sustainable farm and food systems everywhere.

You can find more info Meryl and Just Roots and the various programs they support at JustRoots.Org

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