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NOFA Podcast

May 23, 2018

This week on the NOFA/Mass podcast we are feeling the summertime vibes folks! I’m talking sunglasses, bare feet, swimming holes, singing around bonfires and of course the best part of summer that encompasses all these things AND is all about Organic Farming and sustainable living...what's that you ask? It’s the 44th NOFA Summer Conference!! Because registration is OPEN Ya’ll! 

So we are going to get into just how great this year's con is going to be. What you can look forward to when it comes to workshops & keynotes. I’ll also be having a chat with Julie Rawson the Executive Director of NOFA/MA all about the history of the Summer Conference and she shares some of her favorite (or not so favorite) memories of conferences of yore.  So smear on your sunscreen and strap on your Tevas cuz it all about the Summer Con!