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NOFA Podcast

Apr 25, 2022

In this episode we’re drawing more highlights from our annual NOFA/Mass Winter Conference that happened remotely in January 2022. First we join Natural Farmer, Marco Thomas for an introduction to the Natural Farming technique of collecting of Indigenous Micro Organisms (IMOs).  Then, we join Richard Robinson of Hopestill Farm for a deep dive into mulching, and his impassioned reasons for using leaves as mulch as possible. 

Marco Thomas is a natural farmer in Central Virginia, and is the founder of Microbes by Marco producing small batch craft inputs for soils. His work is focused on building soil and cultivating microorganisms to enhance his own garden and urban farm and he is guided by the principles, “Do as nature does.” and “Focus on the natural way.” 

Richard Robinson began organic gardening over 40 years ago and became a serious farmer in 2004. He grows certified organic vegetables, small fruits, and Christmas trees at Hopestill Farm in Sherborn, MA. Richard has also a member of the NOFA/Mass Board of Directors since 2017.

You can find Marco Thomas at  and on Instagram at: marco_is_growing

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